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Who is AgDynamix?

We are a collaboration of consultants & professionals with hands on experience in agricultural and Cannabis business development.

AgDynamix works in the interests of farmers, landowners, laborers, and consumers, helping you navigate the long term future of the Hemp and legal Cannabis market.

Early Days

AgDynamix was Founded in 2016 by

Teshia Mechetti in Eureka California.

Today we are

Engaging new and blossoming farms, and companies, helping them discover simplified ways to accomplish their compliance and other goals.


We want to see farmers thrive and long-term balance in the market. As a helpful companion guiding you from wherever you are, to that bright future- look to AgDynamix to find a simpler path to success.


Farmers & Partners

AgDynamix understands that farming Hemp, Cannabis, and any crop is more than just a business- it’s a way of life. We help farmers large and small develop successful farm business models, adhere to prudent land management techniques, and strategize market outlets for products.

Above all else, we know how important it is to protect the interests of farmers, communities, and the environment.

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